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Exceptional Artistry for Unique Events

David Buchbinder's Handmade Entertainment delivers world-class musicianship met with impeccable leadership to every performance. All of our ensembles are composed of award-winning musicians (with 10 JUNO Awards and nominations among them) who bring vibrancy, flexibility and passion to their art. With twenty years of experience as a composer, touring musician and bandleader, trumpeter David Buchbinder and his musicians bring you the freshness and excitement of the concert hall, the intimacy and immediacy of the club and the attitude and intensity of the street, matching them to the specific needs of your event. All this while placing the enjoyment of your guests front and centre.

 Handmade Entertainment delivers a wide range of styles including jazz/soul/r’n’b/world music/Klezmer/latin/swing/middle eastern and more with decades of experience producing large-scale, multimedia events/presentations. It is Real Music performed with style, panache and total flexibility.

We also act as an a for many other performance ensembles and potential combinations (in every style) designed to provide you with a complete menu of entertainment options.

Bring the spirit of celebration alive and transform your next event into a happening with Handmade Entertainment.