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A Few Nice Words From Our Critics

"Florid, frenzied, ostentatious... The musicianship is exhilarating, mixing the pinpoint precision of a symphony orchestra with a saloon air of unabashed abandon... Hitting all the emotional buttons at once, the Bulgars break through the other side of corn to posit klezmer as the wisest counsel on the planet."

- The Beat

     "...Unashamed passion and melodrama, brash and brassy, intensely          rhythmic, bold and bumptious... They took the Shetland Islands by storm."

     - The Glasgow Spectrum

     "(∗∗∗∗) of the most accomplished and pertinent Canadian groups..." - La Presse

                              "A combination of rootedness, compositional smarts and virtuosic performances [that] works beautifully."

                              - Sing Out Magazine

     "La finale du concert donnair cette envie de tournoyer et de feter jusqu'au milieu de la nuit." - Le Soleil

"...a band that has taken klezmer and jazz and Yiddish art song and made it all matter..." - Klezmershack

             "three dimensionally vivid" - The Globe and Mail
"...transcends the Klezmer genre." - Toronto Star

                                       "...sophisticated, diverse and sweet..." - Eye Magazine

" (∗∗∗∗) ...there's a joy for life at the heart of this music...I feel like I should be celebrating something whenever I listen to it." - Vue Weekly

                                                         "...the most important Canadian group in Klezmer music.." - Le Soleil

              "...The Bulgars soar under the big tent, holding a large crowd in thrall... - The Chronicle Herald